Publicizing Your Event


As a public service, we are happy to help publicize your church, non-profit group, or civic organization's event to our Spanish speaking audience as time and personnel permits.

These are called Public Service Announcements, or PSAs.  They are much shorter than newspaper press releases, just very brief spoken announcements.

As a non-commercial station, we are limited in our PSAs and Underwriting Announcements to basic information.

As a religious radio station, we do not publicize political events or air programs of a political nature, but if asked we are required to note for public record our refusal to do so.  (See our FAQ)

Please click here to e-mail us, and complete the information provided there.  We'll do our best to help you get the word out.  Please give us several days  advance notice.  Here's what you'll be asked to provide.

Name of Church, Non-Profit Group, or Civic Organization:




Day, Date, and Time:


Very Brief Description:


Phone, E-mail,  and/or Web address the public to contact for more information:


Name of person submitting form (not for broadcast):