What is Christian Community Radio?

Christian Community Radio means three things... all at the same time!

First, it means Christian... Community Radio. We have a clear purpose rooted in the gospel of Jesus Christ which we share with the communities around us. That's why we offer religious programming like our founder's The Hour of Hope and all the others provided by area churches and pastors which we hope encourage you in your faith.

Second, it also means Christian Community... Radio. We are a radio station seeking to serve as a tool of the “Christian Community” of believers and churches in our area (and globally as well) in sharing their own messages of Christian hope and faith and public service announcements of their church events. We want to serve as a vehicle for local Christian churches and church members to air programming which expresses their Christian faith. In the spirit of these first two meanings, we offer only Christian music in a variety of styles.

Third, it also means Christian / Community... radio, because our station exists at the intersection of local community life and the gospel of Jesus Christ. This is why we cover local news, sports, and community events. In so doing, we model the spirituality of everyday life, lived out in community, both “as it is” and living into “how we pray it can be” as a people of faith.

We want to offer programming which balances the covering of local community events and news with addressing the spiritual needs of all who live in our service area.

How do you encourage broadcasters to be respectful of others on the air?

Since the beginning of our ministry we have adoped what we call our broadcast standards.  They are just another way of saying, "Let's be a good neighbor to each other on the air, respecting the variety of ways we seek God, and honoring the trust placed in us by the community we serve."  Everyone working with us in our ministry is expected to honor them.

If you're interested in reading them, click here.

Why don't you broadcast political programming or publicize politial events?

Of course, human beings are political creatures especially when decisions affecting all of us need to be made and leaders need to be elected. Our board and our station are not unmindful of the proper place of politics in community life.

However, KQLC does not permit on the air content concerning political candidates and elections other than urging everyone to vote. To air content of that kind places at serious legal risk our very existence as a religious non-profit organization. Even airing public service announcements about events which have a broad political purpose creates issues for us. Of course, issues of community interest may be discussed, but extreme care must be taken that these not be veiled endorsements for certain candidates or parties. We are bound by FCC regulations to log all requests for political content, but we politely and respectfully refuse those opportunities.

“licensees are to have a complete record of all requests for broadcast time made by or on behalf of candidates for public office, together with an appropriate notation showing the disposition made by the licensee of such requests, and the charges made, if any, if the request was granted.”