About KQLC 90.7 FM

Mailing Address:  P. O. Box 1147, Sealy, TX 77474
Physical Address: 318 2nd Street, Sealy, TX 77474

Tel: 979-885-6755  * Office Hours by Appointment after March 1

Our Mission

The mission of our non-profit L.C. Orrick Outreach, Inc. (as well as the related radio station KQLC) is Encouraging All in Christ (Philippians 2:1-11) and Proclaiming Reconciliation in Community (2 Corinthians 5:17-21) Read more about our non-profit in the FAQ.

We hope that listening to us will encourage you to discover and increase your faith in Jesus and become reconciled with those around you.

KQLC is privileged to have been granted this opportunity to serve the people of Sealy, our city of license, and the people living in the surrounding cities and towns for several miles around. We are still in the beginning stages of our mission, but where we are today has taken immense and prayerful work on the part of many volunteers. We need your help... to listen and grow in your faith, to volunteer, and to provide financial support.

  Wecome to our Christian Community Radio Station!




Meet our Technical and Program Consultant, Keith Rimes!  He helps keep the KQLC signal on the air and works with us part time...  to help provide inspirational Christian music and Christian programming for the Spanish speaking community in our area.  We are in the process of moving our main studio to Hosanna Church in Houston, so we'll only be available by appointment after March 1st.  Office:  979-885-6755  Cell: 832-744-8398.  We're so happy to have him!








Skip Miller worked hard training Keith to step into the consulting role a couple of years ago.  Skip has given legendary service to this station for many years, and we wish him well. We still call on Skip from time to time when we're in a pinch.









Donna Schlitt has been involved with our radio ministry from the very beginning over ten years ago.  As a volunteer, Donna served as Program Manager for the station, treasurer for the non-profit, and kept a watchful eye on the development of our scholarship program.  Now retired from being at the station, she still provides prayer support and stays in touch as the non-profit treasurer duties are being passed to Jay Schlitt..












Jay Schlitt now watches over our finances, but he's been with us from the very beginning, that cool wintry day when our first tower went up over 10 years ago.








Our General Manager is Bob Luton, the one who takes care of our relationship with the Federal Communications Commission, works with our legal counsel, and keeps up with our music licenses for broadcasting over the air and streaming over the internet.  He is the current head of our non-profit board.